Hills Spirit

Hills Spirit FC is located at Arnold Avenue Sports Complex. This fantastic facility features 2 full sized fields, change rooms and amenities. 

Established in 1978, Hills Spirit FC has has been providing the Hills Community enjoyable, high quality sporting and educational experience for all of our players and participants. 

Through the principles of positive coaching, supported by the core values of friendship, acceptance, teamwork and respect, all Hills Spirit FC players will have fun and build lasting relationships through their association with our club.

All players will feel like an important part of their team regardless of performance or skill-levels, learn important “life lessons” that have lasting value beyond soccer and the playing field and learn the skills, values, tactics and strategies of football and improve as players.

What Age Groups Do We Offer?

Hills Spirit FC offers the following age groups:

  • Under 5-12s
  • Under 13-18s
  • All Age Mens
  • Over 35 mens
  • Over 45 mens

Do we offer Girls Football?

Yes, Hills Spirit FC welcomes all girls and females to take part in our club.

What is included with registration?

Registration for all players includes all association fees and the cost of their insurances. 


For all Junior registrations, each player will receive a pair of socks and a training jersey, plus the use of a game jersey for the year.  Shorts and other club merchandise will be available to purchase through our website. Senior registrations will also include the socks and the use of a game jersey for the season. 


For all MiniRoos registrations (U5-U7) the cost of registration is reduced and a uniform kit, including the game jersey, shorts, socks and training jersey, are available for purchase through our website.  The uniforms can be worn throughout their participation in our MiniRoos program. Hills Spirits also has partnered with Hills Football to provide the coaches with an 8 week training program to help them develop each players skills throughout the season. 


How are teams graded/arranged?

There is no grading for the MiniRoos players or ranking of teams. Each team generally has 6 to 8 players who are arranged in teams based on friends, or previous team-mate requests made.  We will also consider the school they attend and group into similar ages. 


For Junior teams, all players will be individually graded into teams to ensure they play with and against players of a similar ability. Requests can be made to play with friends or previous teammates, and these will be honoured as much as possible, and the group will be then graded as a whole.