St Bernadette's Football Club

St Bernadette’s Football Club (SBFC) has been in operation for more than 30 years. We are closely affiliated with both St Bernadette’s Catholic Church and St Bernadette’s Primary School in Castle Hill, although registrations are open to all in the local community.

Our Teams:

Mini-Roos, U6-U7's, U8-U9's, U10-U11's and U12's.

Our club ethos:
Our philosophy and our distinctiveness from other clubs is based on the values of inclusiveness and mate-ship that we promote. This leads to a strong supportive environment where having fun takes precedence and the competitiveness comes from the players themselves.
Unlike many other clubs we focus on children playing with their mates and have grouped teams in U6’s by their School Class. These teams are mostly retained for U7’s. We will be introducing grading for U8’s and up in 2020, when we have a grade with more than one team. We believe this will help us maintain our better players and accommodate our social players.


We run training sessions on a Thursday night at Eric Mobbs Reserve, Castle Hill. Our training program is facilitated by Wanderers Community Coaches, who run a Kick-Start program. We have two community coaches who run the training sessions, guiding our team coaches and the players.